Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"one written word is worth a 1000 pieces of gold..." japanese proverb

"when's the last time you felt with no hands..."

shinobi-epiphany blue
ninjutsu: scribe slaughterer

a.l. roberts...this is one motivated brother. i found this out one night while eating cajun chicken & shrimp pasta at friday's and sharing our love of george michael songs (that's right...blowing ya spot up blue, lol). dre and i go way back when we used to sweat it out on the track for the great columbia cougars and recently were reconnected, thanks to the great facebook, lol. (but really, soo good for networking) so back to supper, while i was singing my heart out to careless whisper, lmao, dre was sharing with me that not too long ago, he had little idea about what he really wanted to do with his life. and if anyone knows, that can be a rough thing...knowing you want to start a movement but not knowing where to start. then he had an epiphany; he wanted to write...and not just write, but write about others. and while he enjoys other forms of writing such as poetry, journalism, and songwriting, dre's real passion is conversing with people from different walks of life, especially those realizing and exploring their own movements and introducing these people to you.

thus became why blue matters..., dre's blog dedicated to "showcasing aspirations and the results of those who turn their aspirations into dreams..." (his own words, yall). in other words, he uses his blog as a platform to introduce us to people who are doing the damn thang, lol! and he asks great questions such as, "what do you like most about (fill in the blank)?" and "what kind of impact would you like to leave with your (fill in the blank)". doesn't matter the ambition...if it's your passion, he'll write about it. something i can definitely appreciate because as yall know, i'm in the process of starting my own movement, kunoichimode...and could use all the love i can get! so i definitely know there are others out there who can appreciate what he is trying to do. so if you have a aspiration to share or want to share other peoples dreams, i would suggest you check out andre's movement.


whybluematters on twitter

if we are all traveling in the same direction, albiet different vessels...why not travel together, feel me? or as dre so perfectly puts it:

"...i am because you are."

...keep it stealth

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"if one man praises you, a thousand will repeat the praise..." japanese proverb

"...talonted, talonted"

what does it take to be talonted? hmm...where do i start? there are way too many positive things to say about this brother, so i'll just tell you why i appreciate him. first things first, talonted is a shinobi (male counterpart of a kunoichi), his ninjutsu: VERNACULAR ASSASSINATION. that's right, he is a lyrical artist who will entice you with his charm and then annihilate you with 16 bars...he's sick with it (trust...i've seen it happen). he definitely moves in stealth-lawyer by day (member of both nj+ny bars, thank you very much) and entrepreneur (hls health food restaurant in maplewood, nj). but when he steps infront of a mic...i can't even find the words, he was just made to perform! just this tuesday, he took home the crown at the faces in the crowd showcase...i had no doubts but i needed him to see that the industry is ready...

so why do i appreciate him...his passion. he's an artist like me and even though our mediums are different, the drive is the same. i admire his smarts, his approach, and the fact that he truely wants to use his gift to enlighten others. with him, it's not about fast money, tricked-out cars and fast tricks (lol). instead, he chooses to rhyme about personal growth, making wise business investments, and educating his audience about the culture beyond street life...it's a beautiful thing! and you gotta check his fresh! his sneaker game is BANANAS and yall know how i feel about flyy kicks (im comimg for you, t). listed below is every way you can join his movement...so let's get it!




TALoNTED fanpage on facebook

TALoNTED on twitter

he is definitely a movement and he most definitely makes me better...love that energy, t!

keep it stealth...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"a good sword is the one left in its scabbard..." japanese proverb

ok...so i figured i should explain the meaning of kunoichimode and why i chose the name. basically a kunoichi is a female ninja trained in the art of ninjutsu or translation: unconventional tactics of warfare. in other words, a kunoichi will use her mind before drawing her sword...feel me? she can turn any previously harmless object into a weapon but her weapon of choice is poison usually hidden on her body. she is trained to blend into society, disguised as everyday folk, using her feminine charm to get close to her victim until that perfect moment and then...ASSASSINATION. think of a tide and how it draws back into the ocean, calm and soothing, only to come back as a riptide or tsunami...quiet before the storm.

i chose this name because anyone who knows me, knows i move in stealth…they never see me coming, lmao! and this is the concept i want to keep for my tshirt line and soon to be collection (because ya know i won’t stop). i want to design for ladies who already know they got it (AOWWW) but choose not to put their bodies on blast. it’s about the details and graphics and being works of arts as oppose to how well it follows the silhouette because it ain’t about that all the time...feel me? and ya’ll know i’m creating anime inspired clothing so it’s only perfect...

keep it stealth...

"we've arrived, and to prove it we're here..." japanese proverb

welcome to kunoichimode!

so...i finally got my act together and created my fantabulous (that's right...fantastic+fabulous) blog that i've been talking about! this blog is for all who love life, culture, fashion, flyy kicks, all mediums of art, music, everything japanese (anime/manga/graphic novels/proverbs/etc), and ninjas; basically everything that i love! that's right...i KNOW i was a kunoichi (female ninja) in my past life, lol! but seriously, not only will i be touching on the aforementioned topics but i also will be using my blog to display my artwork and most important (drumroll please....) SELLING MY T-SHIRTS...AOWWW! coming much sooner than later!!!

but really this blog is also about starting movements...i've started mine! and many of my peoples are also in the process so i will be showing them love too..yall know i'm all for encouraging those who are following their passion (beastmode) so let's get it!

I'M A MOVEMENT BY MYSELF, but ya'll definitely know the rest...

keep it stealth...